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Foam Boards Signs

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There's nothing more upsetting than designing a product on your computer, only to receive it and discover the colors aren't quite as you imagined. At 0205 - Copy Smart - eCommerce, we understand. Rest assured, our printing process has helped many customers to get their print jobs done, no matter the complexity, in the last 25 years! It will help you get yours done perfectly as well!

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What is a Foam board sign?

Answer: In summary, custom foam board signs are a fast and efficient tool to spread the word about your business, events, and other promotions. These signs can attract customers to your store, announce a grand opening, advertise a sale, or provide information at tradeshows and other events.

Is there a way to showcase my foam boards?

Answer: Certainly, we offer both floor standing and table top easel options which can be purchased at checkout. For more information, kindly refer to the details provided here.

Can foam board signs withstand outdoor conditions?

Answer: No, they are intended for indoor use only.

Do your foam board signs come with a stand?

Answer: No. You have the option to order the back support or to place your foam board on an easel for support.

Can I have double-sided printing for my foam board sign?

Answer: No. They are only one-sided.

What is the thickness of the foam board sign?

Answer: The thickness of foam board signs are 4mm.

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