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Standard Business Cards

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Are all of the business cards come standard with standard pricing?

Answer: Yes, business cards come in three standard sizes, where you can pay online. If you have a different size, please use the form to reach out to us for the different sizes and quantities. You can also view our premium business card selection under the premium tab.

How do I get started with creating my own business card?

Answer: The best free solution is to sign up with Canva and start your design there. They have over 100K templates with many different fonts available.

What is a standard business card size?

Answer: In North America, the commonly used size is 3.5" x 2". We provide other custom sizes, so if you are interested, please use the form to reach you.

Can we print double sided?

Answer: Yes, you can certainly request one sided printing or double sided printing.

What are the design restrictions?

Answer: When it comes to printing you need to include a 1/8" of a bleed for all printing and reduce your safe zone by an 1/8" so that no content will be cut. You can find some basic size file setups on the overview page.


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