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Kiss Cut Stickers

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Distribute amusing customized kiss-cut stickers for laptops, mugs, and various other products.

  • Various size options
  • Finish in custom shapes
  • White or clear plastic
  • Kiss-cut with peel-off tab
  • Vivid, Full-Colour printing
  • 25 units up to 5,000 Unit printing capacity

Custom Advertising on the Go

The best part about kiss cut stickers is that they can turn any surface into an advertisement. Custom kiss cut stickers can display logos, artwork or contact information, and they can be stuck in highly visible places and everyday objects, like water bottles, laptops, tablets and notebooks. Your biggest fans can show off their love for your brand in seconds.

Easy Peel & Vibrant Colors

Our custom kiss cut stickers peel from their backs easily and come in various sizes. Because these stickers are peeled off a larger back, they’re easier to peel than die-cut designs and you still get the perfect cut every time. Hand them out as swag at trade shows or include them as freebies with customer orders to boost brand visibility.

Create Your Custom Design in No Time

When your kiss cut sticker design is ready, upload your files and let us take care of the printing. Not a professional designer? No problem! Once we have the design elements, we’ll create your kiss cut sticker to your specs. Give us an outline with all the details, and we’ll take care of the rest. Creating a custom kiss cut sticker design couldn’t be easier with free software like Canva. Turn your logo or image into the design you want in minutes and send the final file to us. We’ll handle the printing.

What is a kiss cut sticker?

Answer: Kiss cut sticker are stickers that only cut through the top vinyl layer. This will allow to easily peal off the sticker from its backing.

Are kiss cut stickers removed easily?

Answer: Yes, because of the tab provided the user has a easy time peeling the label off the backing

How to upload my design?

Answer: Please go through the ordering process and choose the best suited size that will match the maximum size of your sticker. Then at the end you will be able to upload the desing.

Difference between kiss-cut stickers and die-cut stickers?

Answer: Kiss-cut and die-cut stickers seem extremely similar. The main distinction is that kiss cut stickers have a detachable backing that may be printed on and protects the sticker. The backing is also an excellent area to provide your contact information. Die-cut stickers are precisely cut to the contour of the pattern. So, if you're planning a big event, we recommend going with kiss-cut stickers because they'll save you a lot of time.

What material are kiss-cut stickers made from?

Answer: Kiss-cut stickers are made up of white vinyl or clear vinyl that are waterproof and scratch proof.

Do you recommend lamination for kiss-cut stickers?

Answer: Yes, if you are looking for an extra layer of protection. The print on its own is scratch proof and waterproof so if you do decide not to have lamination you will have great product on hand.


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